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HBC Getting started guide 6Jun14

6 Jun 2014 














HBC Controller user manual 6Jun14

6 Jun 2014 




HBC Software user manual 6Jun14

6 Jun 2014 







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10 Nov 2014

The Heated Breathing Circuit software must be installed on a Windows 7 or 8 operating system (32 or 64 bit) HBC software is 32 bit mode only

The downloaded version of the HBC software automatically checks you are running the latest versions of both the software and firmware when the software is started; provided you have the HBC controller attached to the computer via a USB cable.

The firmware update procedure is detailed in the AAS HBC Software user manual which is automatically installed with the latest version of the AAS Windows HBC software.







Additional Software







Microsoft dotNet setup

Version 4 or higher

DotNet Framework (version 4 or above) must be installed on your computer before installing the Heated Breathing Circuit software. The Heated Breathing Circuit software installer will check if your computer does not already have it loaded and prompt accordingly. The setup is included here should a manual installation be necessary

(Windows and .NET Framework are Microsoft products)




Controller Firmware is the software that resides in the HBC controller appliance


The firmware upgrade process can ONLY be run from within the HBC Windows software. (menu Setup - Controller Update)







To download a file in some older operating system / browser combinations, it may be necessary to right click on the selected file name in the table and select "Save Link", Save Target", or "Save As" (depends on the browser). From Windows 10 there is a managed download process, which by default saves downloads to the Downloads folder.

The getting started guide and manuals may also be viewed in the browser by left clicking on the selected title. The manuals are also available directly in the Windows HBC software under the Help menu.